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Citizen Charter

Citizen Charter

Commercial Bank of Ceylon PLC: At a Glance

A History of 100 Years:

“Sri Lanka’s Best Bank” has a rich history of banking in the country, dating back to before it even

won independence. The birth of Com Bank dates back to the 1920s’ – during the British colonial

period – during which trade, commerce and enterprises opened up, and thrived.

In 1920, The Eastern Bank opened a branch at Chatham Street, Colombo little realizing they were

laying the foundation to what was to become a byword in Sri Lankan banking.

After gaining independence in 1948, trade continued to flourish and as a consequence, the share

capital of Eastern Bank Ltd was acquired by the Chartered Bank in 1957.

A decade later, in 1969, Commercial Bank of Ceylon was duly incorporated in Ceylon.

After the second Constitution was adopted in 1978, and under a liberalized economy, offshore banking was

established, and in 1979 Commercial Bank opened its first Foreign Currency Banking Unit to promote offshore

banking business.

In 2003, it ventured into overseas markets, when it took over operations of Credit Agricole Indoseuz in

Bangladesh – its first overseas foray. At present, Commercial Bank of Ceylon Bangladesh Operations has

achieved key milestones and an inspiration to many.


Trust and integrity have been key value components when meeting the expectations of every stakeholder.

As such, Commercial Bank has molded an exceptionally talented team of employees helping them reach

their fullest potential. Precisely understanding the needs of customers, the bank has provided new and

imaginative schemes that has altogether redefined convenience in financial services and revolutionised the

nature of banking.


To be the Bank of Excellence in Service and Commitments.


To deliver optimum value to Customers, Employees Shareholders & The Nation while ensuring

good Corporate Governance.

Network of Branch, SME Service Center & Specialized Banking Center (as of November, 2022)

The bank is operating its Bangladesh Operations with a total number of 11 Branches, 06 SME Centers & 03

Specialized Banking Centers.

1. Branch Network                                                Number

A) Dhaka                                                                        09

B) Chittagong                                                                01

C) Sylhet                                                                        01

2. SME Center                                                        Number

A) Dhaka                                                                        04

B) Chittagong                                                                02

3. Specialized Banking Center                              Number

A) Dhaka Off-Shore Banking Unit                               01

B) Chittagong Off-Shore Banking Unit                       01

C) Digital Banking & Card Center                                01

4. ATM Booth                                                             24 

Details with Location and phone number of the Branches, SME Service Centers, Specialized

Banking Centers & ATM booths can be found in bank’s website

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K Sripavan


Mr Kanagasabapathy Sripavan was appointed as the Chief Justice of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in January 2015 and held office until March 2017. During this period he functioned as the Chairman of the Judicial Services Commission of Sri Lanka, Chairman of the Incorporated Council of Legal Education, Chairman of the Sri Lanka Judges’ Institute and Chairman of the Superior Court Complex Board of Management.

Mr Sripavan was enrolled as an Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka in 1977. He obtained a Diploma in Industrial Law from the University of Colombo in 1992 and Master of Laws from the University of London in 1994.

He functioned as the Head of the Court of Appeal Unit in the Attorney General’s Department and handled a large volume of work both in the Court of Appeal and in the Supreme Court including Bills and Fundamental Rights Applications. Prior to the elevation to the Court of Appeal Bench he functioned as a Legal Consultant for the National Savings Bank for two years.

He was appointed a Judge of the Court of Appeal in May 2002 and was elevated to the post of President of the Court of Appeal in March 2007 by his Excellency the President. In March 2008 he was elevated to the Supreme Court Bench.